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Best of Asia, Bring on America

Bitches, run.  BoA is hungry, and she will eat you up.

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Sailormercury is a Lolita.

Well, not exactly.

According to Tokyograph, entertainer/talento Kawabe Chieko married a producer twice her age.  Well, that’s nice, I guess.  For me, it’s just thinking: Jesus Christ, I remember seeing Chieko when she was playing Sailormercury in the Seramyu (Seramyu was put back into recent news when former Moon actress, Kanbe Miyuki, suddenly passed–coincidentally, Chieko was the Mercury to Miyuki’s Moon for her last two musicals.  Chieko also worked alongside Kuroki Marina for her first musical as Moon).

Most people will recognize Kawabe Chieko for singing several anime theme songs–the most well-known being Sakura Kiss, from Ouran Host Club.

Congrats to Kawabe Chieko and her marriage with her “older man!”

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Mixing Fandoms, Take 1: Twilight and Jpop

Tonight, I realized how futile fandom really can be.

You see, tonight (August 1 -> August 2), I was at the local Border’s for a whopping 4 and a half hours.  Why?  Because I was so-so-so convinced I wanted this new book.  Perhaps you’ve heard of it: Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer.  However, while waiting for this book–and it’s midnight release–I realized: I had no real INTEREST in this book.  I just really wanted to go to the release party because I missed the wonderful, marvelous Harry Potter midnight release parties at Border’s.  (They were pretty hardcore)

Anyway, how does this relate to music?  Well, because I tend to listen to certain songs while I read the damned Twilight series.  Sometimes, it’s Morning Musume.  And overtime, I’ve begun to associate idols with my favorite characters.

Without further adieu, let’s break dawn together.

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The Glorious Return to Blogdom

So, for a while, Kuri lost any and all inspiration for blogging. I had a lot of great ideas, but… I couldn’t stay on top of them, or I was just far too lazy to blog. Instead, I have spent my summer working, having Teenage Drama like all teenagers, and playing The Sims 2 (speaking of which, I’m working on making Yossy-Sim…)

Anyway, I turned 17 on the 18th. I got my driver’s permit recently, and more frequently, I’ve been going out with friends. I don’t know why I’m telling anyone this, because it doesn’t have anything at all to do with Morning Musume or even music. Unless you count that I’m going to be playing Suzuki Ami’s newest album, DOLCE in the car with my mom.

So, since I’m now 17, I figure… Going back to blogging might be a good idea. And, I figured, I’d start by sharing my Condensed Thoughts on Music as of Late.

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Moar surveys?

So, Celestia of Bikkuri Project ALSO has a survey now?  Okay, I’ll do this one now, I guess… XD

1. You have found a magical J-pop genie who will grant you one J-pop related wish (so no wishing for a million dollars or world peace or anything like that). It can be virtually anything as long as it’s directly related to J-pop, and don’t worry, because this is the nice sort of genie, not the kind who will try to find a loop-hole and screw up your wish. So, what do you wish for??? Read the rest of this entry »

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On Lucid Dreams and How Much They Rock.

AHEM.  So, Kuri experimented with lucid dreaming earlier in the week.

And, oh, how Kuri lucid dreams.  Apparently, I dream vividly and in much detail when I choose to, because the dream I had was perfectly realistic (from a dream, considering that it’ll never happen.  Ever).  And it was better than any of the previous Hello! Project OR Johnny’s dreams I’ve ever had before.

So, I figured, I should share it! ♥

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